Experimental - Video art - Created during an art residency at Club Solo, Breda, Nethterlands

2016 | 3’ | Colour

Whenever I miss someone, I start seeing this person everywhere. My mind starts projecting their traits on the face of whoever I see or meet. This way my mind establishes a relation between a simple memory and my most banal daily life. This involontary mental proces, like a defense mechanism, protects me from the feeling of longing for this person.

This video tries to reproduce the proces that is operating in my mind. It draws it’s inspiration from the movie “In the city of Sylvia” by José Luis Guerín. The movie tells the story of “Him”, a young man looking for Sylvia, a woman he meet in a bar six years earlier. Walking through the city, he tries to find the face of Sylvia inother women’s faces. This reminds me of the proces of substitution that is operated by my own mind.

This work is created with 2000 photos, of different people but that finally all merge into one person. The images transform by applying a morphing effect created by a code line. The soundtrack for this work, based on the original film’s one, was created by Sohrab Motabar .